Extension Lanyards

Extension Lanyard

Product Description
The Extension Lanyard offers the convenient option of lengthening a full-body harness dorsal D-ring, making it easier to attach to. The snaphook component of the Extension Lanyard attaches directly to the dorsal D-ring, and then the Extension Lanyard D-ring becomes the new harness connection point. This product is ideal for workers who cannot comfortably reach their harness dorsal D-ring, though it is always important to consider the 18 inch fall clearance and free fall increase when this lanyard is in use.
  • Attaches to the harness before use
  • Used to lower the lanyards attachment point to waist level
  • 18 inches in length
Part # Size Product Description Price Buy
01121 18" Extension Lanyard w/ Snap Hook $59.95 Add To Cart
01122 18" Extension Lanyard w/ Web Loop $29.95 Add To Cart
01205 18" Extension Lanyard w/ Shock Pack $79.95 Add To Cart
01206 18" Extension Lanyard w/ Shock Pack and Rebar Hook $119.95 Add To Cart